Quotes of the day: On War.

“In nothing less than war do events correspond to men’s calculation. Everything is at your disposal when adjusting a peace, but in battle you must be content with the fortune the gods shall impose upon you.”-Livy, attributed to Hannibal “An unjust peace is better than a just war.”-Cicero “In peace sons bury their fathers. In [...]

Quotes of the Day

Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own.-Aristotle Of all nature’s gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?-Cicero

Quotes of the Day

“Others may fashion more smoothly images of bronze (I for one believe it), evoke living faces from marble, plead causes better, trace with a wand the wanderings of the heavens and foretell the rising of stars. But you, Roman, remember to rule the peoples with power (these will be your arts); impose the habit of [...]

Book Review: Rocha’s Treasure of Potosi

Rocha’s Treasure of Potosi tells the story of two men from very different cultures whose paths cross and who become indispensable to each other. Kenwa is a Watusi from Africa, a large and powerful man. He is captured by Portuguese slave traders and brutally transported to South America, ending up in Potosi and forced to [...]

Book Review: Sleep of the Innocents

Soledad is a village in an unnamed country in Latin America where life has gone on with little change for centuries. Rosario and her husband, Anibal, eke out a living on a small plot of land. Their income is supplemented by Anibal’s work for Don Rafael, a large landowner, and by Rosario’s talented needlework. Rosario [...]