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Book Review: Eve of Ides by David Blixt

Eve of Ides is a two-act play in which the author, David Blixt marries William Shakespeare and Colleen Mc Cullough. William Shakespeare, of course, wrote the play Julius Caesar, which, as Blixt points out, was more about Marcus Junius Brutus than it was about Caesar. In his playwright’s notes, Blixt states: “It is hard to […]

Book Review: Leonidas of Sparta, a Boy of the Agoge by Helena Shrader

Ancient Sparta, with its extreme social institutions, has fascinated both observers from other Greek city states and students of history for centuries. The problem with writing historical fiction about ancient Sparta is that the Spartans left virtually no written record. While, as Helena P. Schrader points out, they were not illiterate, they produced no historians […]

Dialogue between a Christian Believer and a Non Believer by Robin Levin and Noelle Shepperd

Noelle Shepperd is a Christian and I’m a non-believer. In October of 2012 she contacted me on Face Book and we initiated a dialogue that continued for six or seven months. Noelle felt that “As believers, we have been commissioned to share His love and truth with all who will listen. I wanted to be […]