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Book Review: Leaving the Quiet Room: My Rise From Religious Slavery to Atheism by Joe Zamecki

I heard it said “Give me a child for the first six years of his education and I’ll mold him so that he’ll be a Catholic the rest of his life.” As Joe Zamecki can attest, it doesn’t always work that way. So how did Holy Ghost Catholic School ultimately fail in their mission? I […]

Book Review: Caesar’s Daughter-Julia’s song

“It was a paranoid time in the City. Politicians were more concerned with denying glory to their rivals than with solving problems. Everybody was stabbing everybody in the back. There was no legitimate economy-it was characterized by exploitation and unsustainable debt. Discontent among the masses was rising-there were high levels of unemployment, and great resentment […]

Book Review: A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren

It is very rare in our modern political system to find a politician or either party who isn’t thoroughly beholden to moneyed interests and who actually fights for the interests of the poor and middle class. Elizabeth Warren is just such a politician. In A Fighting Chance, Warren tell the story of her life, her […]