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Book Review: Falls the Shadow by Sharon Kay Penman

Every time I read one of Sharon Kay Penman’s novels I’m awed by her writing. I’d give my soul if I could write historical fiction the way she does. Falls the Shadow is the second book of her Welsh Princes Trilogy and continues the story where Here Be Dragons leaves off. Llewellyn Ap Iorwerth dies […]

Did the Carthaginians Actually Practice Child Sacrifice?

In my work in progress, The Death of Carthage, my protagonist, Gisco, is informed by Indibal, the priest of Tanit and Ba-al Hammon that he must surrender his five month old son, Hanno, to be sacrificed to the gods. Aghast, Gisco seeks to avoid the sacrifice by taking his wife and three children to Roman […]

Book Review: The Greatest Knight, by Thomas Asbridge.

My favorite historical fiction author of books about the Plantagenet era in England and France is Sharon Kay Penman. A peripheral character in several of her books is William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke. Marshall was such an intriguing personality that when I learned of Thomas Asbridge’s non-fiction biography of the man, I snapped it up. […]