Book Review: Battling the Gods by Tim Whitmarsh.

Battling the Gods by Tim Whitmarsh Battling the Gods explores the ancient origins of atheism. Most of the book deals with ancient Greece. Most other civilizations of the ancient world were decidedly not fertile grounds for nurturing atheists, but the culture of ancient Greece bred philosophy, and some of the strains of Greek philosophy allowed […]

Epicurus, History’s First Atheist.

Epicurus, History’s First Known Atheist. Epicurus, an Athenian philosopher who lived from 341 to 270 BCE, was not really an atheist as we understand the term today. He was raised in a polytheistic culture and he acknowledged the existence of gods, but he believed that these gods did not interact with humans or interfere in […]

Book Review: Leaving the Quiet Room: My Rise From Religious Slavery to Atheism by Joe Zamecki

I heard it said “Give me a child for the first six years of his education and I’ll mold him so that he’ll be a Catholic the rest of his life.” As Joe Zamecki can attest, it doesn’t always work that way. So how did Holy Ghost Catholic School ultimately fail in their mission? I […]

Dialogue between a Christian Believer and a Non Believer by Robin Levin and Noelle Shepperd

Noelle Shepperd is a Christian and I’m a non-believer. In October of 2012 she contacted me on Face Book and we initiated a dialogue that continued for six or seven months. Noelle felt that “As believers, we have been commissioned to share His love and truth with all who will listen. I wanted to be […]