Book Review: 300, The Empire, by Theo Papas

In 300. The Empire, Theo Papas tells the story of how the Greeks of the 5th century B.C. united to fight off the encroachment of the massive and powerful Persian Empire, ruled by King Xerxes. King Xerxes’ father, Darius I, was defeated at the battle of Marathon in 490 B.C. by the Athenians under General […]

The Athenian Empire-A Guest Post. By Van Bryan in Classical Wisdom Weekly

I found this account of the history of the Athenian empire very interesting and asked permission from the author to share it with readers. “You might remember two weeks ago we had something of a chat about a rather interesting bit of history. How is it that an alliance of cities with the unobjectionable goal […]

Leonidas of Sparta, A Heroic King

Leonidas of Sparta, A Heroic King, is the third of three novels by Helena Shrader on the life of Leonidas. The first, Leonidas, Boy of the Agoge portrayed the childhood and youth of the Agiad Prince as he is educated in Spartan fashion in the Agoge. The second book, Leonidas a Peerless Peer, tells of […]

Book Review: Leonidas of Sparta, a Boy of the Agoge by Helena Shrader

Ancient Sparta, with its extreme social institutions, has fascinated both observers from other Greek city states and students of history for centuries. The problem with writing historical fiction about ancient Sparta is that the Spartans left virtually no written record. While, as Helena P. Schrader points out, they were not illiterate, they produced no historians […]