Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman by Rosalind Burgundy

Etruria was a region in Northern Italy with a language and culture unique in the ancient world. The civilization flourished from about 650 B.C. until it was conquered and absorbed by the Romans. the last stronghold, Velzna fell to Rome around 265 B.C.
In Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman, Rosalind Burgundy tells the story of Larthia, a woman of high birth in the Etruscan city of Tarchna. She is married at an early age to Arun the hunter, but has thus far had no children by him. She has discovered a talent and a passion for scribing but this is not an occupation open to a woman, so she somehow persuades the priest-ruler Zilath to employ her as a scribe in the guise of a man. In this capacity she is known as Larth.
Zilath appoints Larth to enter the tomb of one of her ancestors, a renowned and powerful figure who was Larthia’s grandmother and who now lies in a richly appointed tomb with many precious grave goods. Larth witnesses Zilath stealing precious jewelry and ceramics from the tomb, but says nothing. Not long after this she is kidnapped and taken to Rome where the king, Tarquinius Priscus forces her to scribe for him and reveal to him the Etruscan sacred writings. When the King dies, his successor, Servius Tullius has no use for Larthia and he sells her into slavery. She thus embarks on a long journey that takes her to Athens, then to Rhodes, then to Egypt. Her only desire is to return to her home and family.
Rosalind Burgundy is well acquainted with the ancient world and she weaves an outstanding tale of love and adventure.

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