Blossoms and Bayonets by Hi Dong Chai and Janna Mc Burney-Lin

Blossoms and Bayonets is about the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War Two.  Korea was the first nation to fall victim to Japan’s imperial ambitions; the Japanese seized control of the country in 1910. The Japanese attempted to assimilate the Koreans to their culture, staffing the schools with Japanese sensei , indoctrinating Korean children […]

Book Review: Eyes Behind Belligerence by K.P. Kollenborn

Eyes Behind Belligerence, by K.P. Kollenborn is a rich and fascinating fictional account of the experience of Japanese Americans in the internment camps during World War Two. Kollenborn follows two main characters and their families throughout the war and its aftermath.  At the start of the war, Jim Yoshimura and Russell  Hamaguchi (AKA Goro) are […]