Book Review: Galba’s Men by L.J. Trafford

L.J. Trafford’s account of life in Caesar’s palace on the Palatine Hill is a sort of Upstairs Downstairs writ large. Upstairs are Caesar and his family, cronies and sycophants; downstairs are a multitude of slaves and freedmen, some of who are influential enough to influence the course of affairs of state. Keeping track of, and […]

Book Review: Palatine by L.J. Trafford

The Roman writer Juvenal wrote that the Roman Empire provided its citizens with bread and circuses. In A.D. 67 the most entertaining circus in town, although most citizens were not privy to it, was the imperial court of Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, commonly known as Nero. In her book Palatine, L.J. Trafford brings […]