Book Review: Falls the Shadow by Sharon Kay Penman

Every time I read one of Sharon Kay Penman’s novels I’m awed by her writing. I’d give my soul if I could write historical fiction the way she does. Falls the Shadow is the second book of her Welsh Princes Trilogy and continues the story where Here Be Dragons leaves off. Llewellyn Ap Iorwerth dies […]

Book Review: Here be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman

I’ll always remember the scene in the movie A Man for All Seasons where Sir Thomas Moore, being tried in Henry the Eighth’s Star Chamber, confronts the man who betrayed him. Seeing the man’s medallion which proclaims him Governor of Wales, he remarks “I can understand a man selling his soul to the devil for […]

Book Review: When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman

When Christ and His Saints Slept, by Sharon Kay Penman, is one of the most magnificent works of historical fiction I’ve ever read. It spans a period of approximately fifty-five years, from the early childhood of King Stephen to the succession of Henry the Second to the throne of England. Penman’s narrative is lively and […]